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New EP - All Our Lives

All my recently released singles in one place! Check out my latest EP 

"All Our Lives", featuring "Help Somebody", "Love Love", "Shifting Gears" now available to preview / purchase in the MUSIC section.


I am off on another adventure - another chapter in my life!!


I'm ready to face new challenges and I'm super excited to embrace all and any new opportunities that are coming my way, as i continue to work on my music.   For  19 years I've been performing  at Green Sleeves on George Street in the amazing city of St.John's NL. I have enjoyed every show that I did!!. I have been amazed by the beautiful music fans who have shared their evenings with myself and the staff, and created many magical moments that i will never forget. I have made lifelong friendships with many great people who have made me feel like Bruce Springsteen each time I played. And now it's time for a new chapter in my career.


I am moving on from Green Sleeves as of September 28, and my last official show is Friday September 27. So I'm now available for bookings as a freelance musician. This gun's for hire!! I invite everyone to come down to Green Sleeves on Friday September 27 to help us celebrate all that's been created together. It's gonna be a party so get your dancing shoes on! To my fellow musicians who have shared the stage with me... much respect.


To the many patrons who have joined me on stage... thanks for the memories. To all Green Sleeves owners past and present... thank you for the opportunities that were given to me over the years. I have worked tirelessly to deliver a great show  every time I performed. To the staff members who have come and gone through the years... thank you for always making me feel loved- it is honestly an emotional time. To the customers and the music fans, both locals and Come From Away's.....i can't thank you enough for sharing your lives and your stories with me.


Much love! See you all down the road! 



Damian Follett

Freelance Musician