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Damian Follett - From George Street To M

Damian Follett - From George Street To Music Row- 2009

Track Listing:

1. Summertime

2. Somethin' Good

3. Better Do Somethin'

4. Land On Your Feet

5. Drag You Down

6. Somewhere With You

7. Life Gets In The Way

8. Coming Home

9. One Of These Days

10. Soundtrack

11. Nothing Left To Say

12. Good

13. Better Place

14. Comfort

15. Beautiful Song

16. No Second Chances

17. Jack & Diane (CD Only)

18. I'm On Fire (CD Only)

19. Your Song (CD Only)

Tracks 1-15

Produced By: Damian Follett and Jamie Laritz

Tracks 16-19

Produced By: Damian Follett , Kevin Pinhorn and Rick Hollett

Mastered By: Kevin Pinhorn  and Rick Hollett at Records Time Productions

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